Discover Your Career Confidence

  • Do bad days at work seem to hit you harder than colleagues, leaving you doubting whether they really can do your job?
  • Are you confused about what action to take but yet hesitant when you do know to do because you already feel too busy trying to keep up with your job?
  • Feel like you have hit a brick wall and can’t seem to break through that glass ceiling whether that is being promoted, given a raise or getting recognised for your contribution?

Does this sound like you? If so, a Career Confidence Discovery Session may be just what you need to recognise where your confidence can be found.

The reality is that taking the first step to a confident, empowered you is often the most difficult, so I have designed these forty minute sessions to be a perfect introduction to Confidence Coaching. Working via Skype, so you can participate in surroundings where you feel comfortable, we will:

Discover Your Career Confidence

  • Perspective on where your career karma is showing up
  • Pinpointing where you need to focus
  • Get a clear understanding of your career weak spots
  • What you are going to need to do


These intensive sessions bring an insight into the power of coaching without requiring a commitment to a longer process, although most women do go on to seek confidence coaching in depth.

What will you gain from a Career Confidence Discovery Session?

Women who opt for a Career Confidence Discovery Session end the forty minutes with a much deeper understanding of themselves, based on my intuitive oversight of their current life and how it could change for the better. They feel awakened and energised by the insights I provide and they are perfectly placed to decide if working further with me to build confidence will give them the lives they desire.

In this dedicated one-to-one session each new customer learns intensively about themselves, experiences the value of coaching as an aid to a fuller, happier more productive life, and finishes the session with a real sense of how things might change if they choose to invest in themselves.

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