How to have a staycation at work!

This is more than just a lazy day at your desk, it about pushing your reset button using the resources at your disposal.


Having staycation at work great if you have:-

  • Run out of holiday for the year
  • Have a long way to go until you take your next holiday
  • Can’t book your holiday when you want to (work clash or other commitments.)
  • Knackered and just need to take a breather
For whatever reason you don’t want to book a day off but you desperately need a break and change of pace for a day. A change is as good as a rest after all!

How a Staycation works best

Remember that you are always responsible for you and a staycation at work is most suitable for you if:
  • You have been there a while and know the lay of the land at work
  • You are not on a performance review
  • You have a degree of autonomy over your day

Your Staycation Itinerary

Well, just like a holiday you want to book this in. Take a look at your diary over the next few weeks and see if there are any days when there isn’t a big deadline that needs to be met or key meetings that you just cannot miss.
August is a pretty good month to pick since so many work colleagues will be on holiday anyway. A lot of project meetings get pushed for a month or so and there is a lull in the process. You could organise a Staycation at work at any time of the year depending on your circumstances.
Organising your itinerary of the day means addressing the following in your Staycation itinerary
  • Travel
  • Arrival
  • Morning
  • Lunchtime
  • Afternoon
  • Departure
  • Evening

What to wear and how to get there

Your Staycation is all about doing things a little bit differently and what your choose to wear is a perfect place to begin.

You know the dress code where you work so decide how far you want to push the boundaries – go the whole hog and pop your Hawaiian shit on or at least wear something a little bit different to your normal boring work clobber.

Next look at how you get to work and I’d recommend that you try a different route to work. This could mean

  • Driving a different way in
  • Taking the bus instead of the tube
  • Taking a new type of transport
  • Investigate alternate routes of how you get into work


Upon arrival on your Staycation day take a walk around the office and take a look to see where would make a great spot to grab your morning tea/coffee break. Most places have some sort of access to outside space so what’s available.  You can say a quick hello to work colleagues and expect to have that great conversation. Keep it light and easy; stay focused on you and don’t get sucked into anyone else drama.


Lunchtime on your staycation day is important. Where would you like to go to lunch?
Is there somehwhere new that you spotted and you have been wanting to try. Or are there any special summer offers running?
Take your opportunity to have a great fun lunch with your friends at work. You could even create a secret Staycation club get together. The more refreshed people in the workplace the better!


For the afternoon take look at your working environment – what needs a shake up on your desk? Do things need to be reorganised? A little declutter can go a long way in making your day.
A good way to spend your afternoon break is to have a cup of tea with a work colleague that perhaps is not in your inner circle of work friends. Who springs to mind?


I hate that feeling of being flustered rushing for a flight to get home so when you get to the end of the day make sure you get ready to leave a good 15 mins before your normal end time! You don’t want to be late for departure.


For your evening staycation time arrange a treatment for the way home like a facial, massage or pedicure. Something super relaxing.
As you head home with a smile reflect how your staycation at work day has reset you, refreshed you and built your confidence.
No passport needed, no waiting in line and no delays…
A staycation at work could be the next big thing.
Let me know how you get on with yours
Stay Smart, Stay Spirited and Stay In Touch

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