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You would think that the older we get the wiser we become and that’s true in terms of our professional expertise and knowledge but this experience is not reflected in our pay. The older we get and the more experienced we become – the wider the pay gap!

Even though as women we have the power to vote, hold a bank account, drive and become a homeowner we just don’t seem to experience the same equality in terms of pay for the work that we do. Ernst and Young identified that it will take 170 years to bridge the gender pay gap!  Take a look at some of their research 

Many clients have exhausted themselves trying to figure it all out by the time they reach me and initially their Career Karma often can feel like bad Karma but it doesn’t have to be!

Karma often gets a bad name because there is a human tendency to disregard the ‘good’ karma we have experienced and focus on the bad. If you have been dealing with the negative Karma then keep going; allow yourself to grow through and try to reframe it as a learning curve.

The work I do identify and clears the negative Karmic pattern that clients are experiencing. Most of this we have carried for lifetimes and it’s sell by date. We don’t have to suffer to prove ourselves time and time again with yet another difficult boss or toxic team environment.

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