How to Let Go to Grow and Flow this Spring

Spring Equinox marks the end of winter and this week lends itself to an energetic spring clean in understanding what burdens you, find a way to address it and let it go. This all seems simple enough yet rather than embrace this process there is a human tendency for us to hold on to the negative stuff that doesn’t leave room for what we want.

If you want peace and abundance in your life then you need to make space for it. Naming your burden can be uncomfortable but it is a vital step in the process of letting go. For this to be of benefit to you, make sure you approach this in a non-judgmental manner. ‘Letting Go’ isn’t a witch hunt where someone needs to take the blame and get punished. (This by the way includes you!)

Rather than being judgmental, choose to become the observer of the situation and free yourself into forgiveness. Take a step back and accept that:

  • What’s been said has been said
  • What has been done has been done

From my years of coaching, I’ve noticed that being in rush and trying to overstep this key part of the letting go and healing process only buys you a ticket on the ‘Guilt Juggernaut’ or ‘Shame Roundabout.’

Guilt Juggernaut

This huge, powerful overwhelming force takes a lot of focus to keep moving often knocking you and your hopes off their feet. A lorry load of guilt is a heavy weight mentally and emotionally. It can drive a lot of your choices making you feel powerless, overwhelmed and exhausted.

When you’re stuck on the Guilt Juggernaut it may appear that the only option ahead is suffering a toxic mixture of anguish and stress. It can lead to very disempowering choices in all areas of our life from being a workaholic to over eating or over training.

Shame Roundabout

Ending up on the Shame Roundabout makes us feel trapped in a spiral; going round and round the merry go round. Being in a spin is disorientating and so confusing you don’t feel in control of your path ahead. Perhaps others have met your good intentions with umbrage making it all the more bewildering on how to move forward.

Marooned on Shame Roundabout resonates with that a sense of abandonment, being cast aside from those we love. Embarrassed about what we have already done in our past does not positively energise our future course of action. If anything, it stops our natural flow and disrupts the good things we want to cultivate in life.

Supporting Self-Forgiveness

If you ever find yourself wedged between the Guilt Juggernaut and Shame Roundabout in life take some time out. Step back from the drama, the needs of others and the perception of what a good mother, daughter, sister, aunt, woman, girl should do. (A good start would be dropping the word ‘should’ from your vocabulary!)

Noticing that you have a tendency to keep replaying negative experiences in your head or you kick yourself in continuing to engage in a negative repeated patterns of behavior then becoming the observer of what’s happened will release you. It’s being that witness of events rather than judging and prosecuting yourself for failing.

Self-forgiveness thrives in a calm environment. You can create this by choosing to take on the role as the observer of your situation. Rather than judging yourself for not being perfect enough, smart enough, caring enough, tidy enough or whatever enough becoming the observer of your situation will automatically engage your inner authority with ease.

Resourcing your Spring-clean process

Like any of the other 7.5 billion people on the planet, time, air and gravity are just about the only common resources you don’t have to pay for. These are universally available without prejudice to us all. The key here is how you use these resources.

Take your time

Take your time with self-forgiveness will mean making time for it in your life. Burying your guilt or shame underneath a heavy workload or other peoples’ priorities is not a solution. Look at how you spend your time.

Being in a rush with any healing process can slow you down in experiencing what you want. You can only let go of so much at a time so accepting that you have your own process and pace will build your self-esteem.

Your Breath of Life

One of the simplest ways of nurturing your letting-go process is to take a minute and breath. Nothing else just breath. You can do this right now by lowering your gaze to the floor and just breathing in and out. Let that be all that you notice for the next 60 seconds.

Maybe it feels a bit weird at first but taking this minute of Zen breath as I call it will immediately engage your inner authority and with this will come your sense of calm and peace. It feels good to know you can choose to do this at any time and anywhere.

Staying grounded

Letting-go of what you don’t want will mean that you are between spaces i.e. you have identified what you don’t want yet there is a part of the process that means you haven’t quite arrived at where you want to be. Our egos can find this disarming and disorientating. Sometimes this means we can give up too soon and not be in a place to receive the flow.

Stay grounded by creating and maintaining your sacred space in your home, you work or at your desk is something that will take practical action. If your personal space at home has been in a pickle maybe you can begin with a small area such as your bedside table. Clear the clutter and replace this with something beautiful that you wake up to like a picture, a pretty crystal or a book that inspires you.

Supporting your growth

Letting-Go to Grow and Flow is something we can only do for ourselves as it’s a process of self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. Gently organise the resources you have at your disposable. Everyone has their own restorative spiritual practice from journaling to singing to making sure they get to that Yoga class. Your way forward will be eased by your very own mixture of :-

  1. Knowing how you nurture yourself and what agrees with you
  2. Creating and maintaining your sacred space at home and at work
  3. Looking inward and learning what self-support means for you
  4. Discovering which type of connected support works with who delivers it for you

Having an energetic spring clean to make space for your peace and abundance will mean sacrificing any guilt, shame or blame. Letting go of the hold these low vibrations have over your daily choices begins as soon as you decide.

Stay Smart, Stay Spirited and Stay In Touch


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