Why You’re Overwhelmed At Work

Not a week goes by without a new client contacting me tired of being overwhelmed at work. They have tried to figure things out and most of them have made an attempt at trying to fix the situation with a self help book or two. Once they have shared their story, they want to know how I can help them.


What do I mean when I explain to people that I am an intuitive coach and mentor?

I trained and qualified as a personal performance coach which gave me a great framework for my work with clients. However, my intuitive abilities meant that during these ‘standard’ coaching sessions I was picking up on the root cause behind clients problems. This is commonly referred to as ‘Karma’ that defies our conscious logic.

For my part I can see the unconscious patterns that are blocking you from progressing with your ambitions. For example perhaps you have been feeling constantly overwhelmed at work but despite going on all the time management programs in the world your can’t find a solution.

Dealing with a horrible boss is another common one that pops up for women sometimes this is alongside trying to work with a toxic team of people. You know the type that are always trying to pull a fast one at your expense! It’s not a motivating place to be and worried that if you go somewhere else you will end up in the same situation losing confidence in yourself. True, your karma does follow you around because it’s yours.

Many women have reached an unintended level of consciousness with unintended consequences like overwhelm at work. The things you used enjoy that brought you great comfort no longer do. It has a ripple effect on relationships which can mean that even friends who were once so dear have drifted away from you. For some it’s family relationships that they see in a new light and perhaps for the first time realise how dysfunctional they are.

With all the self awareness and self knowledge comes the potential to be empowered about what we do and how we spend our day. Sounds easy right? But in practice it can feel either overwhelmed with you workload whilst your emotions feel like a run away rollercoaster. Working through your Karma can be a stressful time, making you anxious about the smallest decision.

Even the looking for a solution to the situation can end up feeling like you have created an even bigger to do list. Sometimes we over complicate things by Googling and Binging so many possible options that lead to more confusion rather than a solution.

One reason clients work with me is because they are tired trying to figure it all out and the Karma they are hitting up against defies logic. I can see past the immediate problems to the root of the issue and clear the path for them. As a client you can let go of the overwhelm and get on with with what you want to create and manifest in your career:-

  • Pay rise
  • Promotion
  • New Job
  • Career change

 I’ll create another little video about soul purpose so keep a look out at my You Tube channel.

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